Why We Said No To $70K

Have you ever said goodbye to a sure thing?
Something that you could easily continue to do, but it wasn’t the right fit anymore?
Even when financially, it’s comfortable?
I gotta tell ya, it was hard.
So why did I do it?
🏆 I was playing in a league that I didn’t wanted to win. 🏆
Lemme explain.
Back in 2016 I started to train online marketers the practical art of Google Ads here in my beloved Amsterdam.
I trained over 500 people in 3 years time the ropes on how to effectively use Google Ads for their companies.
I think I’ve seen it all.
B2B, local, e-commerce, supplements, finance.
And although challenging there was something missing.
I never gave it much thought at first.
But willpower can only last for so long until it starts to affect your overall state.
So here I was contemplating if it was just me.
“Maybe I was just ungrateful and should be happy with the opportunity that I had?”
That thought crossed my mind a few times.
But even when I entered the top 10 highest rated trainers (of 250 total trainers) I lacked motivation.
So I gave it some serious thinking.
And then it occurred to me…
I wanted to create MORE impact.
I wanted to do BIGGER things.
And more importantly, I wanted to do that with HIGHLY motivated people.
So we pulled the plug on it.
We knew it was going to hurt our bottom line.
But we immediately leveraged our time to invest into our VISION.
And I’m proud of where we’re at today.
A 6-figure boutique style agency.
Helping prestigious eCommerce brands worldwide to accelerate their growth with our Trifecta Traffic System.
We’re finalizing our ‘Google Ads for eCommerce’ coaching program.
And here’s the cherry on top:
💪 We only help those we can actually help.
💪 We create direct impact.
💪 We meet awesome people.
💪 We get results.
If there’s anything you take away from this post it should be this:
Always make decisions out of VISION not FEAR.
Because money will replenish, your time does not.
And secondly, pick the league that you want to win in and chase that win!
You’ll give 100% to something that fuels you.
If that’s not the case, you can’t give the very best you.
🤜 Even if it’s easy money
🤜 Even if it’s comfortable
🤜 Even if others are raving about it
In the end it’s all comes back to you and your motivation.
If you can’t give your best, how are you going to help others achieve their best?
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