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Generated $9.14M in Revenue With a 316% ROAS

Generated $9.15 Million In Revenue For A Female Supplement Brand

This female supplement brand is something special. They worked with a couple of agencies before, but none of them ever got their cold / non branded traffic to work. But we turned that around.

Ultimately within a year of working on the account, we increased conversions by 416% and revenue grew by 166% to $9.15 Million.

Supplement Brand - Google Ads
home decor brand

Almost Tripled Sales + Revenue to $3M in 6 months

Home Decor Brand

Like with many eCommerce brand owners, they want Google Ads to be an independent channel growing alongside Facebook ads. Not depending on it.

So we took over the account, and within the next 6 months, we’ve almost tripled his sales and revenue to $3M while improving his overall ROAS to 343%.

Increased revenue 2.5X YoY while increasing profitability

Sonevo | Window Blinds & Shutters Brand

Sonevo, German supplier of window shutters and blinds, was losing money by using Google's "free" account management. After months at 150% ROAS he was looking for a partner who could turn things around during his off-season.

We ended up more than DOUBLING his revenue Year on Year (YoY) regardless of their seasonality.


Doubled Revenue in 60 days while maintaining profitability

Wall Art Brand

This client was feeling exposed and fragile because his business was mostly depending on Facebook Ads.

Their Google Ads agency didn't really care about results and the account became stagnant in time. Not growing outside of branded traffic.

In 60 days we turned it around and doubled their revenue while

Almost quadrupled non-brand revenue + increased profitability

Baby Apparel Brand

This client contacted us as he felt they were missing leadership on their Google Ads. Their agency was doing the bare minimum and even though this client was no expert, he knew he was leaving money on the table.

In 6 months we were able to:

  • Quadrupled non-brand revenue and sales YoY while improving ROAS to 225% (was 146%)
  • Tripled overall Google Ads Revenue to $3.2M YoY (was $1.03M)
baby apparel

Don't take just our word for it

What others say about us

So you do your due diligence. Why would you spend your precious time going on a call with these guys? Exactly. You need some stories that resonate with your situation. So go check some of them out, if it helps.

"In the First 6 Months We Saw an Increase of 200% in Spend and Return."

"Five months ago we were averaging at a Return on Adspend of 150%. Right now we're averaging at a 450% ROAS while continuing to expand the campaigns...Which is amazing!"

"We Now Have Multiple Google Ads Clients Coming In And It Brings In a Lot of Extra Revenue."

We deliver onlne marketing done with you services that are fully crafted to your needs. There's no "one size fits all" solution, nor is there one magic framework that rules them all. We are flexible and as long as you're committed, we're 100% confident we'll take you to the next level(s). Want to find out if we're a good fit? Hit that button and apply for a strategy call.


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