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Home Decor Brand

This is a US-Based Home decor brand.

The owner, contacted us as he felt his Google Ads were flatlining.

He was looking to grow his Google Ads as everything else was blowing up and he wanted to have a channel that independently grew from Facebook Ads.

NOTE: Per our client's confidentiality request we're unable to reveal any brand names.

home decor brand


For about a year he has been working with another agency that wasn’t able to grow his account to new levels.

As he said:

“They’re very conservative, almost accountant types, not willing to try out new things.”

“I’m missing leadership on the Google Ads front that comes up with new ideas to increase the performance.”

“Someone that is proactive, actually cares for the business like they’re a partner.”

At this point he was already running Google Ads at $1500-$2000 per day but the opportunity was declining.

Like with many eCommerce brand owners, they want Google Ads to be an independent acquisition channel growing alongside Facebook ads. Not depending on it.

So we took over the account, and within the next 6 months we’ve almost tripled his sales and revenue to $3M while improving his overall ROAS with 18% to 343%.

Especially the opportunity volume, Non-branded traffic was important. And we boosted that too while improving the ROAS.

All figures in the image below are shown in USD. And Q2+Q3 2020 compared to the prior 6 months (Q4+Q1).

Q2+Q3 2020 vs prior - ALL_watermarked

So how did we scale this account?


The first step to scale anything is to have a good look at the foundation that is in place. We dissected the client's account on strengths and weaknesses and how future proof the set up was. Some things that came to light:

  • With a few thousand SKUs only one Shopping campaigns was being leveraged which is killing potential
  • Barely any non brand search campaigns
  • The fundamentals weren’t dialed in correctly
  • The account was optimised like an accountant (kill what doesn’t work almost instantly)
  • Analysis of the data + actions made it clear that it was set for conservative media buying rather than offensive growth strategies

After understanding the weaknesses and bottlenecks of this account we created a Growth Acceleration Plan and invited him to work with us.


There are 3 pillars to our strategy that provided the growth:

  • Data Relay Framework
  • Automation Flywheel
  • Circular Retargeting


“If you want to achieve stellar results, you need to combine the best of human and machine.”

What a lot of people don’t understand is that 2018-2019 optimisation methods are no longer working. Reason for this is machine learning. The vacuum is shifting from media buying and focus on bidding to instructing the system with the right data.

Machine learning can only be as good as the source material you’re providing.

Therefor we need to set up our accounts in a different way.

For this client we structured the campaigns into different steps of the funnel.

Reason is that budgets and bidding strategies are set on campaign level.

A prospect that is still in the researching phase performs differently from someone that is ready to buy.

Serving both these audiences from within one campaign is killing your potential as their conversion rates differ.

We’re creating a well-oiled machine of perfectly funnelled data points.

Our roles are shifting from media buying towards being a data architect.


In this pillar we’re cutting down manual grunt work with 70% by using smart rules, tools and workflows.

Why this is important towards the end result is it frees up time that can be reinvested to pilot the account into new areas of growth rather than optimising details.

Let me give you some examples.

First off we’re using dynamic product labelling to boost sales with smart shopping.

We’re creating benchmarks for top sellers and once those are met auto-labelling will happen that brings the product from our regular shopping campaign over to the smart shopping campaigns that is only running on these top performers.

As for most brands 20% of their products are generating 80% of the revenue we want to combine high quality data points with volume to instruct the system to get the most revenue out of these products.

Next to that we leverage negative keyword scripts, auto excluding low performance queries in Google shopping and workflow checkups. This last one is important as some warnings and errors aren’t automatically communicated and when spending $5000-$7000 a day this because vital to the health of your account.


In this pillar our goal is to dominate the customer journey on all Google Ads networks without being salesy or spammy.

The customer journey is getting more complex by the day. It isn’t a linear line.

We want to know how a customer thinks and serve them the right ads at the right time at the right network.

We’re leveraging all of these networks/placements:

  • GDN
  • Gmail promotions
  • Youtube video
  • Youtube home
  • Search
  • Google Apps

First off we’re using Dynamic product Retargeting to show people the exact products they’ve watched throughout 90% of the internet.

Then we’re retargeting them with the application of products through Youtube. We’re showing different environment how these home decor product can be used so it appeals to their taste.

We’re leveraging Discovery Carousel Ads to retarget them with high quality pics of entire collections and test with a discount coupon.

And last but not least we’re bidding higher on people who have been on the website before through search and use TOF keyword specifically for this audience to stay top of mind.


Overall these pillars are the process that helped our client almost triple his revenue to $3M in 6 months time. All while showing Google can be an independent channel alongside Facebook with a great ROAS.

He’s now in a position where he’s living abroad with his family enjoying new cultures and sunny beach vibes in cold months.

He now leverages Google Ads as a growth acceleration channel that’s generating 25% of his total revenue month after month.

If you want to grow your brand too without depending on Facebook Ads, then book a FREE strategy call with us and we’ll have a look if we can help your Google Ads account to the next level.

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"Five months ago we were averaging at a Return on Adspend of 150%. Right now we're averaging at a 450% ROAS while continuing to expand the campaigns...Which is amazing!"

"We Now Have Multiple Google Ads Clients Coming In And It Brings In a Lot of Extra Revenue."

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