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Increased revenue 2.5X YoY while increasing profitability

Sonevo | Window Blinds & Shutters Brand

Sonevo, German supplier of window shutters and blinds, was losing money by using Google's "free" account management. After months at 150% ROAS he was looking for a partner who could turn things around during his off-season.

We ended up more than DOUBLING his revenue Year on Year (YoY) regardless of their seasonality.



Let's start with the essentials:
  • German 6-figure B2C brand (having a 7-figure B2B as a backbone)
  • Manufactures and sells custom window blinds and shutters
  • AOV around €203
First, here are the three strategies we used:
  1. Parallel Placement Messaging
  2. Circular Retargeting (YT, FB, IG, GDN)
  3. Inverted Prospecting
I'll dive into those a bit later, but first, here is some essential background info to get the full picture:
  • We started five months ago, at the start of his off-season
  • A Google Ads Rep was initially managing the account
  • He was losing money with a 150% ROAS
And after an extensive audit, this is what we implemented:


"A customer doesn't buy because they understand what YOU do; they buy because they FEEL UNDERSTOOD."

After being blessed with many, many Google Ads audits over the years, I can confidently say that the number one thing business owner's struggle with is their TARGETING.

And if targeting is a problem, your messaging follows. So let's fix that, shall we?

This phase has ONE goal:

  • Align your messaging with your customer's journey

As we work with intent, we can PREEMPT our ads.

But if your message is out of sequence, you'll lose your customers on the search engine result page.

That's why we structure our search campaigns per step of the funnel and our ad groups PER INTENT.

Now, let's take this one step further...

In the new age of machine learning and algorithms, you are the pilot of your own results.

What does that mean?

You feeding algorithms with the right data is critical to get results.

So in that light, we always recommend THREE text ads and ONE responsive ad per adgroup.


Well, this isn't a game about finding quick ad CTRs and kill off the rest.

Google's machine learning is testing what ad resonates with which PERSONA in the background.

So one ad might perform better with 25+ young, urban females while another speaks more to environmentally friendly, suburban dads, age 35+, for example.

Aka, you need to start swinging different hooks, copy ANGLES and benefits to appeal to SUBSETS of your customers.

A text ad structure we use is as follows:

  1. Headline 1 - Repeat the intent back to them
  2. Headline 2 - Emphasize on desire #1
  3. Headline 3 - Core Benefit
  4. Description 1 + 2 - Align your offer with their ultimate desires + CTA

Doing this will boost your CTR and overall user experience while making your CPCs CHEAPER THAN YOUR COMPETITION.

Let's move on!

During the off-season, our processes and optimizations increased his conversions by 6%, the revenue by 31%, and the ROAS to 352%.
Sonevo - nov-march 2020


Anything in life comes full circle.

And so should your retargeting be.

Only 10% of their online time spent happens on Facebook.

That means there's 90% of the pie left for you to grab.

So we're implementing a circle of channels that helps us DOMINATE the customer journey.


Responsive Display Ads focusing on the product lines they've viewed.


Video ads explaining how the products works per product-line retargeting visitors per landing page.


Video Views campaign, which was retargeting audiences of VC, ATC and IC of last 180 days . Showing different videos focussing on overcoming objections and testimonials to combat ad fatigue.


Making sure we would appear absolute top position when people search for our keywords and have engaged with us before.

The goal is here is to stay top of mind wherever they spend their time without appearing 'spammy'.


This is where it gets interesting.

Businesses that experience a lot of seasonality often cut complete budgets when high-season ends.

And that's exactly what you SHOULDN'T do.

Seasonality is kind of like a short recession.

The trend temporarily goes down, but it also goes back up again.

Same as with the coronavirus cruising through 2020.

But in those times, you SHOULD invest.

Plant > CULTIVATE > Harvest

Not instant gratification.

So what did we do?

We created a "mini-prospecting-page" through Facebook Collection Ads.

We uploaded a custom audience list of past buyers and created Lookalike audiences 1% to 6%.

The goal of Inverted Prospecting is to influence off-season behaviour and build audiences to leverage in high-season.


Speak to the pain points your market is experiencing (during high season).

KPIs to watch here are CTR (ALL), CTR (link click) and Post Saves.

We cut anything below 1,5% CTR (link click).

The combination of these 3 phases has generated more revenue and profits in the off-season than in the entire last year's high-season.

Don't take just our word for it

What others say about us

So you do your due diligence. Why would you spend your precious time going on a call with these guys? Exactly. You need some stories that resonate with your situation. So go check some of them out, if it helps.

"In the First 6 Months We Saw an Increase of 200% in Spend and Return."

"Five months ago we were averaging at a Return on Adspend of 150%. Right now we're averaging at a 450% ROAS while continuing to expand the campaigns...Which is amazing!"

"We Now Have Multiple Google Ads Clients Coming In And It Brings In a Lot of Extra Revenue."

We deliver onlne marketing done with you services that are fully crafted to your needs. There's no "one size fits all" solution, nor is there one magic framework that rules them all. We are flexible and as long as you're committed, we're 100% confident we'll take you to the next level(s). Want to find out if we're a good fit? Hit that button and apply for a strategy call.


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