Do you need to know everything?

A few years back I was hiking on a trail in South Korea with my wife.

The goal was to hike up Bukhansan mountain to see Seoul from 836 meter height.

With a big smile we started our 6 hour trip but quickly we noticed something strange…

More and more people we came across on the hike started to “look at us funny”.

They were all friendly, but simultaneously laughing at these two Europeans who came unprepared.

Picture this.

Two rookies with zero experience in Nike sneakers and Jeans.

No special tools, no tech, no research.

Just a bottle of water and some protein bars.

They must have laughed their ass off.

But we didn’t know.

We had zero knowledge or prior experience of hiking such a track.

But what we did have was direction and perseverance.

So after 3 hours we made it to the top.

Did it bother us that we didn’t research the hike?


We still had fun.

Was it easy?

My feet told me no.

We still had to climb 3 hours down though.

You don’t always need the knowledge when you have direction and a will to make it work.

The same counts for learning new ad platforms.

Google Ads is daunting to loads of people.

But you don’t need to know everything from the start.

You hire a mentor, that gives you direction.

You save time and money on mistakes.

And as long as you don’t give up, the end result will be there sooner than you think.


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