Helping 6-7 figure digital Market Agencies Grow their google ads Service With a minimum of 10%  Client-side Growth within 90 Days, Guaranteed - Or we won't get Paid!

We turn data into cash, one micro moment at a time. We've done so for over 2.500 businesses and dozens of other agencies worldwide. Want yours to be next?

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We've brought over 2500+ Google Ad accounts back from the dead and have helped digital Marketing agencies

scale their revenue using our F.A.S.T™ Framework

As a Google Ads agency, we have a track record of helping businesses scale their revenue profitably with Google Ads. Over the years, we have generated over $250M in tracked revenue for our clients and achieved an average ROI of 4.6x. Additionally, we have brought more than 2500 Google Ads accounts back from the dead.


Our services go beyond just generating revenue and achieving results. We prioritize building long-term partnerships and providing a top-notch client experience. That's why we're now offering a "done with you" service for agencies looking to improve their knowledge and serve their clients better. 

With our guidance and expertise, dozens of agencies have been able to confidently offer a complete Google Ads offering to their clients and grow their capabilities. 

Are you struggling to scale your google ads? 

Are you tired of working with an agency that doesn't seem to care about your business's growth?

Do you feel like you're just another number contributing to their monthly recurring revenue? If so, our 10% Revenue Growth Guarantee offer might be for you.

First, let us introduce ourselves. We are eCom Ads, a boutique customer buying agency specializing in scaling high 7 and 8 figure DTC brands profitably with Google Ads.


Our team, led by Raoul van Heerden, has a track record of success, with $80M in profitable ad spend and over $250M in tracked revenue generated for our clients in the last 12 years.


We've also completely transformed more than 2500 ad accounts.

But it's not just about the numbers for us. We believe in ongoing leadership and true partnership, and apply the principles of "1% better every day" to all of our clients. 

Using our F.A.S.T. framework, we help our clients go from stagnant accounts to profitable new customer growth in 90 days or less.

If you're ready to finally work with an agency that cares about your business and is committed to helping you grow, contact us today to learn more about our

10% Revenue Growth Guarantee offer.

100% guaranteed results

Reach 10% growth in Clients' revenue  in as little as 90 days GUARANTEED, or We Will Work For FREE Until we do

Numbers don't lie

Customers served! 0 % Average Return On Ad Spend For Our Clients
Customers served! $ 0 M in Profitable Ad Spend For Our Clients
Customers served! 0 Transformed Google Ads Accounts
Our process

Here's Our 4-Step process that brought more than $250 million in revenue to our Raving clients

Success is a process, not an event. And our process is the foundation to $250M in generated revenue for our clients. If you qualify working with us, these are the steps we will take your through:

Step #1

Holistic Account Plan

  • We slow down to move fast by jumping right into the nitty gritty of what's happening in AND outside of your ads account.

  • Diagnose data input levels to extrapolate the chance of getting the desired output.

  • Expose prior mistakes that are costing you money. No judgment, just extreme ownership to make progress.
Step #2

Deploy & Empower

  • Fortify and build ironclad fundamentals that will help transform your weaknesses into strengths  

  • Warm-up & train the algorithm through our Empowerment Method so that you win more auctions to acquire your ideal prospects at a discounted price.

  • Take advantage of the low-hanging fruit to get you quick wins.
Step #3

Raising the Floor

  • We increase the stability of the performance across the board. You're only as stable as your foundation.

  • Optimize audiences for expansion so that we can reach more people with the right message at the right time

  • Axe the underperforming assets and prepare for scale
Step #4

Scale the A.I. Beast

  • Leverage the algorithm to do the heavy lifting and spit out high-quality prospects at scale.

  • Maximize AOV and profits by micro-momenting™ the customer journey. That means your money grows, and so does your satisfaction.

  • Provide direction to achieve your business goals. We make the complex simple to help you get where you need to go.

Trusted by more than 32 satisfied clients
Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved...

Here's how we scaled to $10M in Revenue on a 595% ROAS for The Essence Vault

"I don't trust them. They are pretty much cloak and dagger." 

This was the first thing Connor dropped about his agency when we jumped on a call.

Finding transparant, trustworthy partners seems next to impossible for brand owners. Every agency advertises that they are, but no one seems to have the integrity to pull it off.

Connor was in a position where he didn't have insights into his data and lacked knowledge how to extract it. He had been with 4-5 Google Ads agencies, but none of them were getting him results.

The results

In the first 3 months we grew to almost $950K in revenue. In the months after we consistently hit a steady revenue growth of 15% to almost $1.6M in Q1 2022.

To this day, he's still with us and one of our favourite clients. That's almost 2 years of a great performance driven partnership while having a good laugh with each other.

Remember how he didn't trust any of his former Google Ads agencies?

Well, now he found one that actually gives a sh*t. Or how he sarcastically states it:

"You reckon I'll ever work with another Google Ads partner?"

The Essence Vault

Fragrances & Perfumes

$10M in revenue on a 595% rOAS

Connor Martin

Here's how we Quadrupled ad spend at a 4x ROI for Canvas Cultures

There are only two scenarios when we're OK to lose a client.

One - if they are no longer a good fit and the second is when we help them to grow to a point where they can sell their business.

And that’s been the case with Joshua. He came knocking at our door in March 2020. They struggled with scaling their Google Ads performance.

They could barely break the $20K a month ad spend without staying on target. Stuck and spiralling down in the technical media buying side of things. And no leadership on the marketing side of Google in general.

The results

The strategies that we implemented quickly improved their ad spend, impressions, CPA, ROAS - holistically everything got upgraded.

In 12 months we grew their account from stuck at $20K to $80K per month in ad spend at a 4x ROI. 

"Thank you Raoul and Vincent for going above and beyond for our business and truly putting us in a position to win." - Joshua Tatum

Canvas Cultures

Home Deco

quadrupled ad spend at a 4x ROI

Joshua Tatum

Here's even more of our success stories...

Here's how we TRIPLED Revenue and Ad Spend in 6 months for Posh Peanut

Here's how we Scaled to $8.5M in Revenue for Sense for Art

Here's how we Scaled a Supplement brand to $9.14M in revenue For Better Body Co

Here's how we Helped build out a Google Ads Department for EKCreative

Meet the team

Meet The team of experts who can help you achieve similar results

Vincent Beima &
Raoul Van Heerden

We Are going to assist you on your way to scale your google ads revenue profitably.

We've been able to consult on more than 2500 ad accounts in the past 12 years while managing over $80M worth of profitable advertising ($30M in the last 3 years). Our core values 'results and relationship' are the foundation of that success. 

If you're ready to take your e-commerce brand out of the sandy waters and onto solid ground, then let's book a call and see if you qualify for our Growth Guarantee.

Ready To get started?

Schedule your Call With us Today!

This call is perfect for Brands who:
  • Generate upward from $5M in revenue a year.
  • Experience a lack of leadership and/or scale on their Google Ads
  • Struggle to find a growth oriented, trustworthy and transparant partner
7 critical profit killing mistakes 8-figure brands make when scaling their google ads


After auditing over 2500 Google Ad accounts we've put together 7 critical mistakes e-commerce brands make at the HIGHEST LEVEL

In fact, we rarely find an account that isn't making at least 3-4 of these profit destroying mistakes.

P.S number #1 is an absolute game changer!

Inside this free report you'll DISCOVER:
  • How to make 40% more revenue by changing two digits
  • Why 93% of the brands are tracking data wrong and how you can fix it in three clicks
  • The $380,512 dollar mistake that turns Google's algorithm into your enemy instead of your friend