Google Reps Are Awesome (When You Know Them)

So Google has a name for reps. But for this client (I’ve posted results before, so I’m not going to repeat that), we have a great collaboration with Google’s Growth Team.
Sure, you always have to take into account that Googles’ targets are based on budget growth. But it doesn’t mean they are completely useless.. lol
At a certain point, the client became unresponsive. For 3 weeks it was so busy that he had trouble showing up to the littlest things we needed feedback for.
See, it’s a bit problematic when you a) hire us for help but b) don’t let us help you by being present.
Especially if the results are promising, but capped at least at 60% of its potential.
So we teamed up with Google to grab back his attention. Googles Growth Team delivered him reports on how much he was losing to his -direct- industry peers. The client responded 10 minutes later.
So he -was- interested in growing further.
But we -did- call him out on it and let him know that when this happens again, we better split ways.
Unlike many other companies, we take relationships as seriously as we take results.
If you’re in it for the fast and easy game.. you become complacent. That stagnates growth. Monetary, but mostly mentally.
So now we’re signing up for an extension to continue the growth.
No big deal.
Honesty always wins.
Image may contain: text that says "Nick aan mij, Kate Engels vr 30 okt. 14:46 (2 dagen geleden) > Hi Raoul, Nederlands Bericht vertalen Uitschakelen voor: Engels It's been great working with you the past couple months (truly you're the best Agency partner I've worked with at Google, and I'm sure Kate would agree) and wanted to formalize your partnership with the Growth team!"

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