How Treating The Root Problem Earned A Client An Extra $306K In 60 Days

I’ve dealt with fitness related injuries for years.
I Tried everything.
Different doctors, physiotherapy…
Some didn’t do anything while others helped to get rid of the symptoms temporarily.
But nothing really has been able to treat the root problem.
So I tried out something new and went to a highly recommended Chiropractor.
I told them about the discomfort I experienced from my legacy injuries.
They made their analysis.
And here’s the thing…
They could have easily told me there were some joints and vertebrae ‘off’.
But they didn’t stop there.
They went deep.
They looked at the cause of the discomfort and got to the root of the problem.
They came up with a strategy to reset, relearn and grow my body to its optimum state holistically.
And with one treatment of 20 mins already 80% of the problems I had vanished without a trace.
Something I was struggling with for years got fixed in 20 mins.
What’s the value of that?
They didn’t treat just the symptoms, they are fixing the root cause.
And that got me thinking…
This is exactly what I see with loads of Ecom businesses.
They are working with partners who are treating the symptoms not the root problem.
The results of this?
✅ They’re reaching a destructive plateau
✅ They’re feeling exposed and fragile because they’re relying on one ad platform for their business.
✅They’re feeling that they’re being taken for a ride because their partner knows more than they do
✅ a lack of trust because nothing is changing
Let’s take for example Joshua, one of our clients.
He was struggling because his Facebook ads was his main source of traffic.
He was feeling exposed and fragile because the future of his business was relying on the mercy of the Zuck.
He did have a Google Ads account spending about $30k a month, but it didn’t grow for more than 6 months while his Facebook has been blowing up.
After an extensive audit this was the conclusion:
Holistically, the account wasn’t set up to ‘win’.
The fundamentals were missing, his tracking was working ‘against him’.
So we crafted a bulletproof strategy and went to work.
In under 60 days we grew his revenue 2.5x to $508k.
And on top of that, we even increased his profitability.
Now imagine where he would be at if he had done this 6 months earlier!
These are the kind of results you get when you treat the root cause.
These aren’t the kind of results you get if you keep on treating the symptoms.
TLDR: proper diagnosis will reveal the core problem. Work with people that treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.
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