Not Another “Look How Awesome We Are” Article

Oh boy. I don’t even know where to start with this one.
This (insurance) client reached out to us after “thinking his Google Ads needed a round of optimization”.
And oh boy, did he need more than that.
This client had Display ads running that lead nowhere but the homepage. Pain: spending money on nothing but 10 second sessions.
The client had hidden matched branded terms -everywhere- throughout his ad groups. Pain: he paid up to 10x more for his own brand than necessary.
Needless to say there were also duplicate keywords, missing extensions, and auto-applied ad copy.
Since we took over, we had a huge clean up operation going on. On top of that, the tracking was flawed.
The graph I’m showing you is not to show you how awesome our growth has been since we took over. It’s to show you how much big his tracking gap must have been before we went through his tracking.
He was ONLY tracking calls, while he had at least 4 other conversion points on his “meh” landing pages (which is too much IMO, but that’s a different discussion).
Structure is one thing. But the fundament should ALWAYS be tracking. And all these new cookieless updates the browsers are or are going to roll out soon, it’s important you have your FUNDAMENTS in place.
You’ll not hit 100% tracking accuracy in the near future. But even with 90% or even 85% you can make well-founded decisions. Just be sure you have done -your- part.
When was the last time you audited your tracking plan?
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