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Home Decor Brand - Almost TRIPLED Revenue And Sales While Increase Profitability by 18%

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Ecom Brand - 214% Growth in Revenue YoY at 517% ROAS with Google Ads

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"Not Only Did They Nearly Match The Spend On Facebook, But They Nearly Doubled The Return On Ad Spend As Well." - Joshua T.

"After going through 3 ad agencies we were begging for more. Until we met Vincent & Raoul." - Roger D.

"We knew we needed a lot of leadership on the Google side...In the First 6 Months We Saw an Increase of 200% in Spend & Return." - Nick S.

"We Worked With A Couple Of Agencies Before, And None Of Them Ever Had Success With Non Branded Ads...But He Turned It Around." - JC

"They have absolutely slashed our CPA...They completely steadied the ship and gave us scale, something that none of the former partners was able to do." - Connor M.

"...After one month of working together I already have a significant progression as far as sales, as far as leads and as far as customer acquisition!" - Matthew W.

"We averaged at a ROAS of 150%. Right now we're averaging at a 450% ROAS while expanding the campaigns..."- Pascal K.

"We Now Have Multiple Google Ads Clients Coming In And It Brings In a Lot of Extra Revenue for our business." - Mathijs v D.

"I don't do video testimonials that often.I was really blown away by the consultation, the professionalism, the attention to detail and the advice given was right on." - Brett S.

"... and more importantly he put in a process of how we should be monitoring the performance and the metrics to continue to scale our business..." - Craig R.

"Before We Found You Guys We Contemplated Putting Off Marketing For The Next 6 Months." - Ben A.

"...They implemented a Google Ads and Analytics framework so we could use it to set up ads ourselves. And now our staff is leveraging this as well!" - James W.

"Caring About Clients And Their Results."


$118K in Google Ads Revenue in 30 days with 426% ROAS


Tripled Amount of Sales in 6 Weeks for Ecom Apparel Brand (Trifecta eCommerce System)


Scaled Ecom Brand to €1.2M in sales, within 6 MONTHS after launch on A 383% ROAS

(Trifecta eCommerce System)


$308K in Revenue with 359% ROAS with Google Ads


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