The Framing Challenge With Google Ads

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they move from Facebook to Google is they fall for “Expectation Incantation”.

Like as under some magic spell they expect similar results as with FB ads.

With a straight up copy-paste action.

Ads, funnels, you name it.

But let’s face it.

It is NOT the same.

Google Ads is an entirely different beast.

You’re moving from a heavily push marketing network to a (mostly) intent based network.

That’s comparing apples to oranges.

They are both round, but that’s pretty much it.

Then, there’s the pre-framing:

On Facebook you have tons of framing options BEFORE people ever see your landing page.
🐳 Creative
🐳 Headline
🐳 Ad copy

So your lander has to do less work.

Which is great.

And what most people do is copy their FB funnel straight onto YouTube.

They put their ads online.

And they wait.

Eager to see the first results.

They have high hopes because of what they’ve heard.

And they match it up immediately with their FB outcome.

So what happens?

The first results suck.

They’re performing poor…

“Youtube ads don’t work for my business.”

That’s what they say.

But why exactly?

Here’s the part they do not know.

YouTube ads don’t have the same pre-framing options like FB.

There is no real headline.

There is zero ad copy.

So the video has to do a tremendous amount of heavy lifting.

On top of that, most people don’t watch complete video ads before they click through.

The journey is different, the experience is different…

Hence your lander can’t be the same.

If you understand that logic, then you can see why copying your FB creatives to YT is an equal foolish move.

IF you care about not burning money that is…

Traffic channels might all have the same function looking at it from the surface.

But they provide a different journey underneath.

Always start with the user experience in mind.

Here’s to you 🥂

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