The if only curse

That would have been such an epic picture…

But all I have to show for is this muffled shot below…

…and you don’t even know what you’re looking at.

Do ya?

It’s like a 2-3 second time window every other few days.

The moment a passenger plane lands about 300 meters from our stay here in tropical Bonaire.

Might not seem special, but such a big piece of composite landing almost in your backyard was impressive to me.

And I’m sitting on the porch working and realising it too late.

“If I only got my phone sooner.”

“If I only set a reminder.”

Ain’t that something.

That got me thinking.

Some opportunities in life come only once every red moon.

If you’re too slow it might be gone.

So make sure to grab it when it’s there.

Oh and…make sure you’re quick, otherwise you get stuff like 👇🏻

May be an image of tree, living room and outdoors

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