Why You Are Consistently Finding The Wrong Partners To Work With

I wondered for a very long time why so many business owners failed to see results.
But after hundreds of talks it finally struck me.
πŸ‘‰ Business owners focus on the WRONG things when picking their Paid Ads partner.
Wanna know why?
Here’s their thought pattern:
πŸ€” How big is the agency and how are they scaling?
πŸ€” That means they must offer high quality services
πŸ€” And thus they get results
The reality is actually the opposite:
πŸ‘€ Continuously adding new clients because you care mainly about your own revenue increases workload
πŸ‘€ Diminishing results across the board
πŸ‘€ Heavy Focus on the top 3 biggest earning clients
πŸ‘€ Overall Quality goes down πŸ“‰
So how do you know what’s the right fit for ya?
True growth is a mindset.
It shows in your behaviour, your values, your habits.
It’s not something that you apply in one area and then completely ignore in another.
β€œHow you do one thing is how you do everything.”
And that affects everything and everyone in a company.
So look at the people that are at the forefront.
The leaders, the CEOs, the founders.
Who ARE they?
It will tell you a lot about who they are to friends, family and clients.
Stop focusing on how things look like.
Start focusing on what is a REAL.
Here’s to your success

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