Why You Should Stop Working With Agencies

Wait…that sounds weird…

We ourselves are an “agency” right?

So why do I say this?

Well over the past 10 years I’ve seen a lot of sh*t in the paid ads space for agencies.

On the one side you have the “media buying agencies”.

And on the other side “Unicorn agencies”.

They are rare as…unicorns.

How you can tell the difference?

Ironically, it’s not in the actual “media buying” part.

While media buying is certainly a part of what they do, it’s far from the full picture.

I would be a disservice if we would call it that.

Too many times I’ve heard horror stories of businesses getting in bed with agencies and their media buyers throw out some ads, push a bunch of buttons and hope it will work.

Aaaand after 2 months you don’t hear from them again.

That is what gets most people burned.

And it isn’t working – if you couldn’t tell

Neither is their campaign set up.

It actually has nothing to do with their campaign set up.

So what makes the difference?

Three vicious skills are part of every unicorn agency:

✔️ PARALLEL PLACEMENT MESSAGING – you need to know what makes your audience tick. Preempt your ads to align with their desires. Improve quality of prospects.

✔️ ZEALOUS INTENT – encapsulate your client goals. And how to create a system to achieve that goal.

✔️ DATA DIRECTIVE – Understand how machine learning works to leverage data to make algorithms act as a friend instead of an enemy. �

Now most agencies have Google Ads media buyers who only know how to push buttons.

That may have worked back in 2018, but in 2021 it does more harm than good.

Unless you’re ok with sub-par results.

Most of our 7 and 8 figure clients experienced the difference first hand.

They found out that despite “unicorn agencies” being rare, continuous growth and profits requires one on your side.

So if you are looking for an agency, make sure to look for clues.

Here’s to you 🥂

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