Would You Like Us To Personally Teach You A Million Dollar Skill?

We’re looking for a ‘dream client’.

A few weeks back I announced we were working hard on a brand new offer.

And now it’s time to share this with the public.

So many people have asked us about teaching them Google Ads over the last years.

But we didn’t do it.

We simply didn’t have time to create a high-end service that would live up to the ridiculous high standards that we have.

And we only do something if we can pour our heart and soul in it.

And now we do…

Now, if you think we’re launching a course, I have to disappoint you.

A course would be a massive disservice.


– Because it’s static
– It’s outdated as soon as it launches
– It doesn’t learn you situational frameworks or concepts
– Basically it lacks the application part

So what is this offer about?

It is one of our most exclusive & powerful programs for eCommerce.

🆙🆙…Conceptualize, strategize, design, execute, launch, and optimize your own Google ads Campaigns – in just 10 weeks! 🆙🆙

We TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and teach you the ropes.

We get with you in the trenches until you can CONFIDENTLY run the show yourself.

We’re looking for THREE people who are ready to add this powerful skill to their toolbox.

You’ll be working one-on-one with Raoul and myself.

This means you’ll have a ‘$55M in ad spend’ hotline at your service – at all times!

So why do we offer this?

First of all, because we enjoy it. Seeing others succeed is what makes us happy.
That’s the whole reason we started this.

Second of all, we’re finetuning the program and are looking for more feedback.

So the benefits for you:
🏋‍♂ One-on-one CUSTOMIZED help
🏋‍♂ $55M ad spend hotline for 10 weeks
🏋‍♂ Lifetime access to our vault full of videos, frameworks, checklists AND MORE

But lemme be clear.

This is not for everybody.

We’re very picky about who we take into this program and we have a strict set of criteria that needs to be met.

Here are the conditions:

1. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNT ALREADY (and are focused on eCommerce)
You can be an ecom store owner, brand owner, media buyer, or agency and have an account to ‘play’ with. You’re ready to invest and scale.

Traffic is an amplifier and we can’t amplify anything if the fundamentals aren’t dialed in.

If you aren’t able to follow simple directions, then let’s not waste each others time. Only implementation leads to results.

Ready to go?

Then book a FREE strategy call through the link below.

After you selected a date and time a short app will fill me in on the details of your situation, so we can get to the point real quick.

An as this is only for 3 people there is a ruling.

That is first come, first served.

Talk soon! See less

— with 

Raoul Van Heerden

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